Visio Roadmap & PEST Template

This Visio Roadmap Template with PEST and KPIs shows how your Product or Programme delivers Strategic Benefit. For use with Business Change and Transitions

This template is excellent for describing Product Plans and Change Programme plans.

The Visio Roadmap PEST Template includes:

  1. Legend
    1. Shows risk levels for project indicators
  2. Timeline
    1. arranged by quarters
    2. change the dates easily by right-clicking on the timeline
    3. the quarters leger lines go behind the workstreams to highlight the timeline throughout
  3. Business Change workstream
    1. Summary of “STARTING STATE” for the business
    2. Summary of “TARGET STATE” for the business
    3. Main Phases to transition to the TARGET STATE
  4. KPI stream
    1. Two areas – Revenue and Market Share
    2. KPI markers to clearly denote measurement points / Milestones
  5. Projects and Initiatives stream
    1. shows duration and delivery points / milestones
    2. Five statuses: TBC, OK, Low Risk, Med Risk, High Risk
  6. PEST stream  – highlights ‘Macro-Environmental Factors’
    3. SOCIAL
Visio Roadmap PEST Template - Phases
Visio Roadmap PEST Template – Phases
KPI stream and Projects - Visio Roadmap PEST Template
KPI stream and Projects – Visio Roadmap PEST Template
PEST swim lane - Visio Roadmap PEST Template
PEST swim lane – Visio Roadmap PEST Template

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  1. Neal

    Using was EASY.

    I was able to received the template I needed in the appropriate format. I was then able to customize the template to my requirements instead of reinventing the wheel.

    I plan on using them in the future so that I can continue to work smarter, not harder

  2. Jordan

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    Excellent service, great product and great value for money

    • Jordan
  3. Stephen

    Stephen purchased a Roadmap format from us, and then needed an additional Powerpoint format.

    We helped Stephen find what he needed.

    Thank you for the outstanding customer service and attention!

  4. Rachelle

    I’ve bought several of the Discount Bundles, and am enjoying the variety of templates – especially the time savings.  What an impact they’re having when I use them. Great value and a real pleasure. Thanks!

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