Document templates by professionals

For a while now, I’ve been discussing this project with friends.
We’re all in different businesses – Media, Procurement, Insurance, Web Projects, government etc – but we all had the same experience with document templates.

Every niche of business has changing needs, and working people develop custom document templates to save them time.

There are a lot of websites providing standard boilerplate HR and Legal templates, but what about more specialist areas?

Usually you need to pay for consultants,… or just struggle

In most cases when a business requires a niche service, they need to shell out large fees for consultants, or struggle through as best they can using research, blood, sweat and tears.

Niche business templates, by professionals

This website will be providing a growing set of niche business templates, and selection of business categories which have been developed by professionals who are experts in the areas in question.

What Scenario is appropriate?

We have organised our documents into business-focussed scenarios to help you find the best selection of templates to suit your needs.

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Last Updated : November 18th, 2009