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Do PESTLE and PESTEL mean the same thing?

Yes they mean the same thing. PESTLE and PESTEL are both acronyms for a macro environmental strategic analysis process. - more

How do I create a Keynote Roadmap slide?

I have a presentation to do, and I am using a Mac. How can I create a Roadmap slide? - more

How do I create a Powerpoint Product Roadmap quickly?

Here's a step by step guide to creating your Powerpoint Product Roadmap for team planing, and communications - more

How do I create a Powerpoint Roadmap slide?

I have a presentation to do, which requires a Roadmap Slide - how do I do it in Powerpoint? - more

How do I create a Project Roadmap?

A Project Roadmap is the best format to communicate project plans to executive boards and stakeholders. Here's how to create one - more

How do I create an Agile Project Release Plan?

I need to make a project release plan - i.e. so that I can show where certain deliverables are launching on a timeline. - more

How do I define my Product Strategy?

To excite your team, to focus your sponsors, and to push for success, what works? - more

How do I develop new Business Opportunities?

Help with the research, development, creation and presentation of new business opportunities. - more

How do I do a PESTEL analysis?

PESTEL, or PESTLE, is an analysis process to help Marketers, Strategists and leaders get a picture of their target environment. - more

How do I formally assess my buying power?

Volume is always seen as the key factor in determining buying power in any negotiation but there are other considerations. - more

How do I get what I need out of negotiations?

A short guide on some of the better ways to negotiate your position - more

How do I improve my team's performance?

Want a "High performing team"? Wondering how this is done? Here are a few tips and examples. - more

How do I know what format is compatible with my computer?

Which format works best on my machine so I know which one to buy. - more

How do I make a plan from a SWOT Analysis?

SWOT is usually about making lists and discussions. How do we get to ACTION? - more

How do I manage a recovery from a serious project crisis?

I am running a large project, and it has gone very badly wrong. How do I organise a plan for recovery? - more