Here are a collection of questions in the business areas we cover.

Do PESTLE and PESTEL mean the same thing?

PESTLE and PESTEL are both acronyms for a macro environmental strategic analysis process. Find out more here. - more

How can I present a Business Roadmap with a SWOT?

Arrange workstreams along the top area of the diagram, with risk levels, and use a SWOT dashboard underneath to give context. - more

How do I assess my buying power with suppliers?

Volume is always seen as the key factor in determining buying power, but there are other considerations. - more

How do I create a Gantt Chart in Excel?

Find out how to make a Gantt Chart using Microsoft Excel - as used by professional project managers. - more

How do I create a Keynote Roadmap slide?

I have a presentation to do, and I am using Keynote on a Mac. How do I create a Roadmap slide? - more

How do I create a Powerpoint Product Roadmap quickly?

Here's a step by step guide to create one quickly - 5 minutes for a 1 side Roadmap. - more

How do I create a Powerpoint Roadmap slide?

I have a presentation to do, which requires a Roadmap Slide - how do I do it in Powerpoint? - more

How do I create a Project Roadmap?

A Project Roadmap is the best format to communicate project plans to executive boards and stakeholders. Here's how to create one - more

How do I create a Transition Plan for my Organisation?

A Transition Plan is used to manage the change from an existing organisational state to a new state. - more

How do I create an Agile Project Release Plan?

I need to make a project release plan - i.e. so that I can show where certain deliverables are launching on a timeline. - more

How do I create and use a Risk Log?

You have been told you need a Risk Log. How do you create one and use one? - more

How do I define my Product Strategy?

To excite your team, to focus your sponsors, and to push for success, what works? - more

How do I develop new Business Opportunities?

Help with the research, development, creation and presentation of new business opportunities. - more

How do I do a PESTEL analysis?

PESTEL, or PESTLE, is an analysis process to help Marketers, Strategists. Use a pestle analysis template. - more

How do I get what I need out of negotiations?

A short guide on some of the better ways to negotiate your position - more

How do I improve my team's performance?

Want a "High performing team"? Wondering how this is done? Here are a few tips and examples. - more

How do I know what format is compatible with my computer?

Which format works best on my machine so I know which one to buy. - more

How do I make a business case for a Hack Event?

I work in an old-fashioned organisation. They are very risk averse. How might I make the case for a Hack Event? - more

How do I make a plan from a SWOT Analysis?

SWOT is usually about making lists and discussions. How do we get to ACTION? - more

How do I make a Road Map for the Project?

Simple steps, and examples of a road map for the project. Easy to understand. Easy to download examples. - more

How do I make an Excel Product Roadmap?

Create a simple Excel Product Roadmap using normal Excel editing tools. - more

How do I manage a recovery from a serious project crisis?

I am running a large project, and it has gone very badly wrong. How do I organise a plan for recovery? - more

How do I manage an Innovation Pipeline?

How best do I describe and manage my pipeline of innovation projects and concepts? - more

How do I manage risk in my Supply Chain?

In order to keep a view across your whole portfolio, you must measure how the portfolio delivers as a unit. - more

How do I manage risk using a RAID Log?

I need to manage a log of risks, and apparently a RAID Log is what I should use. How do I do this? Is there a template? - more

How do I organise my supply chain spend?

I have quite a lot of suppliers for different areas of my business. How do I go about organising them and focusing my energy? - more

How do I plan my new product?

I have a rough idea of my product plan - features and timings - but how do I best present and communicate these? - more

How do I present a Marketing conversion funnel?

I have been asked to setup a marketing "conversion funnel" and am not sure how to do it. What's required? - more

How do I present a Project Timeline?

Some simple steps to communicate your plans on a project timeline. Impress your audience with great presentations. - more

How do I present a Project Update?

Your project success relies on you communicating project status. Use these tips and templates to help - more

How do I present a strategy progress report?

Executives and stakeholders have short attention spans. Use this guide to focus on important points. - more

How do I present investment in Innovation?

How do I best present my investment in Innovation? Are there some standard formats or diagrams? - more

How do I present my Disaster Recovery Plan to my Executive Board?

My Exec Board has requested a presentation for our Disaster Recovery Plan. How best do I do this? - more

How do I present my Project Rollout?

I have a large project which has detailed plans, but I need a simple way to present the Rollout progress to all my stakeholders. - more

How do I present my Strategy On One Page?

It is tempting to squeeze all of your information into a page, but this is a mistake. Use this tried and tested format. - more

How do I prioritise my market PESTLE?

Some examples of the top prompts in each area, as used by market professionals prioritising PESTLE. - more

How do I run a Lessons Learned Meeting?

Running a Project Lessons Learned Meeting is not simple - there are sensitivities and nuances to manage. - more

How do I run a SWOT Analysis workshop?

I have been asked to create a SWOT Analysis for our project, and run a workshop. How do I do this? - more

How do I run procurement and select suppliers?

Procurement is a complicated area. This step-by-step checklist, and the documents, will help you screen and select suppliers - more

How do I score Risk in a Risk Log?

To score your risk, use a matrix of impact vs likelihood. This combination will allow you to compare and prioritise your risks. - more

How do I setup an Innovation Lab?

A guide to setting up an innovation Lab, from the founder of BBC News Labs. - more

How do I setup an Innovation Programme in a large organisation?

Our organisation is large, and quite conservative. How do I go about setting up a new innovation programme? - more

How do I show KPIs on my Product Roadmap?

I need to show KPIs on my Product Roadmap. How do I show this alongside the Product Plans? - more

How do I start an in-house Innovation Programme?

There is a lot of conflicting information about innovation programmes. What should I do? - more

How do I SWOT Analyse?

SWOT Analyse from end to end : from Workshop, through simple presentation, to Roadmap presentation - more

How do I track project progress?

There are plenty of formats to choose from: Progress Reports, Rollout Roadmaps, Backlogs, Dashboards and more. - more

How do I write a Disaster Recovery Plan?

I need to make a Disaster Recovery Plan for my business, but I am not sure where to start. Can you help? - more

How much does a Hackathon Event cost?

We are planning to hold a Hackathon event. How much does it cost? - more

How to collaborate on a new product roadmap, remotely, in 30 mins flat.

How to rapidly put a product roadmap together as a team, without extra software or prep, in less than 30 mins. - more

How to show Risk Level (RAG) on a Roadmap

How to show the levels of risk, in a useful way, on a Project or Product Roadmap, so that it can be understood quickly. - more

Is a Hack Event the same as a Hackathon?

The terms Hack and Hackathon are used interchangeably - here is more information - more

What is a good 2 Day Hackathon Event Schedule?

I am running a Hackathon event for 2 days. I am not sure how long to make each section. Can you help me? - more

What is a RAID Log?

Read about RAID Log from the experts. Get your RAID log working for you, and get on top of those Risks and Issues! - more

What makes a great hack event?

From the founder of BBC News Labs and the #newsHACK hack event series. - more

What makes the best Product Roadmap?

Here is what makes the best product roadmap - avoid all the common issues and problems so that you can make the best. - more

What templates can I use for Digital Transformation?

There are Roadmaps, Risk Logs, Status Reports, Project Updates, Gantt Charts and more - find out what works here. - more

What templates can I use for New Product Development?

New Product Development in internet and software industries has some popular processes. See templates here. - more

What templates can I use for Risk Management?

I need to create a plan for Risk Management, and track our progress. What should I use? - more