MoSCoW. The method not the place.

What exactly is the MoSCoW method, what do all the letters mean and why are the o’s so small?

MoSCoW is an acronym which stands for Must, Should, Could and Will not. This is a method used on new projects which enables all stakeholders to agree what is really important.

Must haves need to be completed before the launch of the product or service.

Should have need to be mostly completed.

Could haves will have some completed before launch.

Will nots will have none completed.

Should I bother using it? It is quite a common approach and therefore projects teams are familiar with it. The main benefits are that in a sea of requirements its easy to see which are the most important. It also really helps focussing project time especially when scope creep starts in anger.

Any limitations?

Some. Whilst having all the Musts completed is easy, there is not always an agreement on how many Shoulds or Coulds need to be. Will nots is easy for day one launch although whether these features are dropped forever or parked for another day is not always clear.

So why are the o’s so small and what do they stand for?

They stand for absolutely nothing. It’s just that without them MSCW is quite hard to say.

I don’t suppose you have one for sale do you?

Never thought you’d ask.

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Created : 2021-11-10 13:39:27
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