MoSCoW Analysis

MoSCoW template featuring checklist formats for presentation and reporting. Priorities and progress are clearly presented in this PowerPoint.

When launching a new product or service the project team need to agree which features are the most important. hence the MoSCoW Analysis. Using the MoSCoW analysis method, this template guides you to clearly defining day one deliverables.

What does MoSCoW actually stand for?

Must –  All these MUST be ready for day one or else the project cannot launch.

Should – Most of these SHOULD be ready for day one.

Could – Some of these COULD be ready for day one.

Will Not – All of these WILL NOT be ready for day one.

This PowerPoint template features;

  • Two different versions of a MoSCoW checklist.
  • Brief definition of MoSCoW.
  • A detailed line by line description split by department  plus progress against items.
  • Two different version of  a dashboard tracking progress.

The dashboards are created using embedded excel files which means that they are easy to edit and change dynamically. Simply right-click and edit data.

Want to learn more about MoSCoW – try here.

Checklist V1

Moscow Checklist version 1

Checklist V2

Progress Dashboard V1

Progress dashboard for Moscow

Progress Dashboard V2

Progress Dashboard for Moscow analysis


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