Agile Resource Plan Template (Visio)

Agile Resource Plan Template - shows how resources are added and removed during the Product Roadmap

Show how your resources are allocated on your Project Timeline. This Agile Resource Plan Template shows resource allocation and investment in a Roadmap format.

Agile Resource Plan Template features

  1. Project Timeline.
    1. Set at 2 years by default.
    2. Easily changeable – change start and end points, and date marker types.
  2. Milestones.
    1. Drag the milestones along the timeline – automatic date change.
    2. 3 different formats – speculative milestone, milestone and delivery point.
  3. Five Workstreams.
    1. Arranged in a Roadmap format.
    2. Showing Activity units (for Phasing, major activities).
    3. This is the best way to display agile project delivery.
  4. Investment area per workstream.
    1. to show ££ investment and phasing notes.
  5. Workstream resource levels starting allocation.
    1. to show the allocation when the workstream kick-off happens.
  6. Workstream resource levels change points.
    1. showing the change in resource levels.
    2. e.g. +2 Web Developers, etc.
  7. Notes & Comments callout.
  8. Visio Stencil Template (VSS). For common shapes.

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