Allocating and Presenting Resources on Agile Project Plans

A variety of diagrams, presentations and formats to help the Allocation of Resources on Agile Project Plans so that you can communicate your resource plan. Presenting resources can be easy and engaging on these Roadmap and Plan diagrams.

Discount Bundles to use for Allocating and Presenting Resources on Agile Project Plans

Agile Release Plan Discount Bundle

The Agile Release Planning Template Discount Bundle

Are you looking for a way to create and present your Agile Release Planning? This bundle is the perfect solution. You can use Powerpoint and Excel to create an amazing plan that will help you deliver your product with confidence.
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The CEO & Boardroom Premium Business Template Package

All Templates in 1 Package - The CEO Premium Discount Bundle

Get all of our professional templates in ONE PACKAGE. 90+ templates with over 70% discount, and a multi-user license.

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Re-Org, Org Change & Transition Template Discount Bundle

Re-Organization Template Discount Bundle

This collection of professional Re-Organization Template formats will help you communicate your Re-Org, Org Change & Transition; Roadmaps, Transitions, Risk Management and more.
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Allocating and Presenting Resources on Agile Project Plans Professional Downloads

Contemporary Phased Agile Resource Roadmap design from 2018

Resource Plan with Workstream Resource Changes Template

Show the changes in resource levels for each of your projects or workstreams over time. Highlight costs, project timings, resource changes, risk levels, AND your milestones, in one easily digestible diagram.
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The Agile Resource Plan Template

Agile Resource Plan Template (Visio)

Show how your resources are allocated on your Project Timeline. This Agile Resource Plan Template shows resource allocation and investment in a Roadmap format.
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Powerpoint Agile Roadmap Template

The Powerpoint Agile Roadmap Template features 4 agile formats: Dashboard, Iteration, Theme, and 2-year Roadmaps - all in easy-to-edit slides.
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Powerpoint Resource Plan Template for Agile Projects

Powerpoint Resource Plan Template for Agile Projects

The Powerpoint Resource Plan template shows resource types, workstreams, milestones, and timeline. Ideal for Agile.
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Project Resources & Budget Roadmap

Project Resources & Budget Roadmap Template (Visio)

This template clearly shows allocation to each workstream and aligns it to project plans and activities. Project Resources & Budget Roadmap since 2008.
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Product Resource & Delivery Plan (Visio) showing teams, resources, themes and Timeline

Product Resource Delivery Plan Template (Visio)

Show your teams, workstream plans, job roles & names, alongside your projects & timeline. This Product Resource Delivery Plan shows the whole picture.
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Powerpoint Project Rollout Plan Template

Powerpoint Rollout Plan Template

Ideal for presenting a Product or Project launch, this Project Rollout Plan Template includes plan formats for the crucial time of your Project Delivery.
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