Annual Business Report (PowerPoint)

Graphically rich with automatic editing features, this slide deck conveys a companies annual business performance in a highly professional way.

Supply chain management best practice dictates that after working with a supplier or third party for 12 months a complete review of the arrangement should be undertaken.

This PowerPoint is specifically designed so you can convey key information about a companies annual business performance across costs, service, compliance and other essential areas.

Previous Experience.

Based on consultancies working in supply chain management, this template has been constructed to achieve three key goals.

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of the essential elements of supply chain management.
  2. Show a real and detailed insight into a companies performance.
  3. Convey points one and two in a concise and professional manner – perfect for managing upwards.

What it includes;

  • An overview of contractual terms.
  • Spend and savings.
  • Performance against customer, operations and quality.
  • Savings and cost breakdown.
  • Performance measured against tender submission.
  • Forecast and targets.
  • Full supply chain development plan with individual steps to follow.
  • Complete supply chain activity list and compliance against these points.
  • Supplier compliance performance.
  • Performance against previous supplier.
  • Next year activity road map.

All the charts, dials, graphs and block diagrams (internal compliance slide) are fully automated to help with editing. Simply right click and edit the data to change this template to your exact requirements.

Breakdown of costs, savings, performance metrics and forecast. 

Complete check list of supply chain management activity over a 12 month period with dynamic indicators of compliance. 

Comparison of performance against previous supplier or contract term, commentary and actions plus next years road map. The road map is the only graphic not automated. 

Compliance against supply chain activity and supplier compliance. The sliders are dynamic and edited via an embedded excel sheet.

6 phase supply chain development plan with status indicator, key dates, key outputs and resources required.

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