Procurement Professional Downloads

Playback Document

A Playback document is a pre-agreement that covers the terms of commercial offering. It is used to ensure that both parties involved in a commercial transaction are on the same page about what is expected.
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Comparison Template

A stylish PowerPoint comparison template which lets you quickly and effectively show the difference between different companies or products.

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supply chain and procurement management overview

Supply Chain and Procurement Management (Powerpoint)

A guide to supply chain and procurement activity to enable cost control of a supply chain. Provides an overview and detail of what to do.
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Annual Business review

Annual Business Report (PowerPoint)

Graphically rich with automatic editing features, this slide deck conveys a companies annual business performance in a professional way.
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Contract History Oview

Contract History 2023 (PowerPoint)

A visual summary of a contractual history with present position and planner which saves hours of wading through contracts and numerous variations and amendments
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Supplier Status Report (Excel)

A dynamic supplier control template which has status indicators automatically updated by performance data.
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8004 screen shot

Market Analysis Presentation

A powerpoint market analysis presentation template covering PEST and Porters 5 Forces to give a wider market overview and then an internal analysis to show actual buying power
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