Board Report Template

A graphically rich professional board summary pack designed to convey vital information in a comprehensive yet concise manner.

Board pack lost its way, or is too big to read?

Board packs are an essential way to convey vital information but more often or not more is added to them month on month until just reviewing them takes more than the allocated meeting time allows.

We have created our Board Report template.

To ensure that your business and progress against plans and budgets are represented in the clearest way possible to key stakeholders, we have designed the board pack to cover the following areas;

1. Activity since last month.

Set against your yearly objectives and main deliverable actions to achieve these objectives.

2. Project/sales status report.

A RAG (Red, Amber,Green) denoted report showing;

  • progress against key stages for pipeline sales or projects.
  • sales won and lost.
  • captured feedback and lessons leaned.
  • on-going projects as works in progress with current status.

3. Finance, investment and resource summary.

This details all financial and resource information to enable a board to understand the health of their company and features;

  • monthly and year to date finances against budget.
  • 3 month trend to monitor improvements.
  • Investment areas, amounts, expected outcomes and return on investment.
  • company resources; office equipment and fleet indicators.
  • Human Resources showing retention rate, staff turnover and vacancy rate.

4. Competitor Analysis.

A graphic overview of how your company compares to your competitors;

  • broken down by key areas (brand, cost, reach etc).
  • shown as an overall assessment.
  • details “stop”, “start” and “continue” measures for continual improvement.

Roadmap style for pipeline and existing projects:

Status Report

Project/Sales Status Report

Financial Overview:

Finance, investment and resource

Finance, investment and resource

Competitor Analysis:

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

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