Contract History (PowerPoint)

A visual summary of a contractual history with present position and planner which saves hours of wading through contracts and numerous variations and amendments

Legal contracts with providers and suppliers inevitably have a degree of history to them, with multiple amendments, revisions, extensions and clause changes over a number of years. Even if you are dealing with the provider on a regular basis the detail of the change gets confusing and more often than not results in an hour or so of having to re-read contracts and subsequent variations to remind yourself of where you got to and why.

If you are a larger department or have consultants regularly working with you, the last thing you need is to be paying people by the hour to catch up on present position when this could be already done for you and on the front of a file.

It also helps on resource planning to have a good view of the forthcoming contractual changes so you can “bag” legal resource ahead of time.

Detailing all changes in a graphically rich format, this template covers;

  • Pricing variations
  • Clause changes
  • Renewals
  • Services changes
  • Contract extensions
  • Notice served
  • Termination

There are three types of graphics for the three main contract types; Fixed Term, Rolling and Open Ended Contracts.

Individual provider overview (Rolling Contract)

Open Ended

Fixed Term

Provider Segmentation

A provider segmentation slide is included to allow you to place each provider into the standard categories to enable you to manage your spend;

  • Leverage
  • Bottleneck
  • Strategic
  • Transactional









An overview slide is also included so that at a quick glance you have a dashboard showing contractual changes over the past years plus get a roadmap of forthcoming activity such as annually contracted price reviews or term renewals to allow forward resource planning.

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