Contract History 2023 (PowerPoint)

A visual summary of a contractual history with present position and planner which saves hours of wading through contracts and numerous variations and amendments

Legal contracts with providers and suppliers inevitably have a degree of history to them, with multiple amendments, revisions, extensions and clause changes over a number of years. Even if you are dealing with the provider on a regular basis the detail of the change gets confusing and more often than not results in an hour or so of having to re-read contracts and subsequent variations to remind yourself of where you got to and why.

Do not pay consultants by the hour to revisit the present position on a contract! Use this template (updated for 2023) so that this is already done for you and on the front of a file.

It also helps on resource planning to have a good view of the forthcoming contractual changes so you can “bag” legal resource ahead of time.

Detailing all changes in a graphically rich format, this template covers;

  • Pricing variations
  • Clause changes
  • Renewals
  • Services changes
  • Contract extensions
  • Notice served
  • Termination

This template optimises three types of graphics for the three main contract types; Fixed Term, Rolling and Open Ended Contracts. At a glance anyone can tell which type of contract they are reviewing.

Individual provider overview (Rolling Contract)


Open Ended

Fixed Term

Provider Segmentation

A provider segmentation slide is included to allow you to place each provider into the standard classic categories to enable you to manage your spend;

  • Leverage
  • Bottleneck
  • Strategic
  • Transactional









An overview slide is also included so that at a quick glance you have a dashboard showing contractual changes over the past years plus get a roadmap of forthcoming activity such as annually contracted price reviews or term renewals to allow forward resource planning. You are then able to manage your resource in advance.

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