Cost Savings Plan Template (Visio)

Cost Savings Plan Template

The ultimate format to show your Cost Savings Plan: Arrange your projects on the Timeline, and describe the risk levels, KPIs, and Milestones.

Communicating your Cost Savings delivery plan can be complicated. We’ve been refining this plan template since 2010.

How can I make my savings plan simple and easy to understand?

Answer: “Keep it Simple.”

1) Organise your Projects by Workstream and Objective:

Cost Savings Plan Workstreams

Cost Savings Plan Workstreams show the Project streams and the KPIs

2) Draw attention to your milestones:

Cost Savings Plan Milestones

Cost Savings Milestones

3) Show your Key Performance Indicators:

Cost Savings Plan KPIs

Cost Savings Plan KPIs

Cost Savings Plan Features:-

This Template communicates 3 workstreams, with KPIs, to plan your Cost Savings.

  1. Timeline: Featuring drag-able Milestones.
  2. Three Phases: This helps with tracking and communication.
  3. Three Workstreams, each one with:
    1. Title.
    2. Objective.
  4. Project Streams: Each Workstream has 2 Project Streams. 6 altogether.
  5. KPIs: Shown clearly in each Project Stream, per Phase.
  6. Activity Status: Four statuses within each Project stream:
    1. TBC – “To be confirmed”.
    2. BAU – “Business As Usual”.
    3. Low Risk.
    4. High Risk.

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