Change Management

Change Management is the business approach that takes individuals, teams and organisations through a change. For any change management project (or “programme”), there are a desired set of outcomes and success factors. A change programme will usually involve careful attention to HR (or personnel) factors, as people generally do not enjoy changes in processes they are used to.

Use these templates to help design, communicate and manage your Change Management plans.

Discount Bundles to use for Change Management

Digital Transformation Templates - professional formats

Digital Transformation Templates - Discount Bundle

This selection of Digital Transformation Templates includes formats that have been used in over 120 countries by more than 5000 professionals. Download now to save time create great documents quickly.
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Risk Management Template Toolkit - Discount Bundle

Risk Management Template Discount Bundle

Whether your products and projects are going well, or if they are in crisis, you need to proactively manage your project risk. This bundle gives you all the tools to manage, plan and react to changes in Risk exposure. Risk logs to DRP plans - they are all here.

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Project Manager Visio Templates Discount Bundle

Project Manager Visio Planning Templates Discount Bundle

Save more than 70% on this bundle of premium graphical formats for Project and Product managers. Show your team plans, risk levels, timings, resources, milestones in these appealing project diagrams.
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The CEO & Boardroom Premium Business Template Package

All Templates in 1 Package - The CEO Premium Discount Bundle

Get all of our professional templates in ONE PACKAGE. 90+ templates with over 70% discount, and a multi-user license.

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Re-Org, Org Change & Transition Template Discount Bundle

Re-Organization Template Discount Bundle

This collection of professional Re-Organization Template formats will help you communicate your Re-Org, Org Change & Transition; Roadmaps, Transitions, Risk Management and more.
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Change Management Professional Downloads

Playback Document

A Playback document is a pre-agreement that covers the terms of commercial offering. It is used to ensure that both parties involved in a commercial transaction are on the same page about what is expected.
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Detailed checklist

MoSCoW Analysis

MoSCoW template featuring checklist formats for presentation and reporting. Priorities and progress are clearly presented in this PowerPoint.
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Comparison Template

A stylish PowerPoint comparison template which lets you quickly and effectively show the difference between different companies or products.

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Project Handover PowerPoint

This captures the key elements of a project so you can deliver a smooth handover.

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Transition Plan (Powerpoint) - template to present your Transition

Transition Plan Powerpoint

This Transition Plan Powerpoint template is the perfect way to show your plans and important business milestones. Show worksteams, milestones, risk levels & more.
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Transition Status Report Template (Excel)

Transition Status Report Template (Excel)

The Transition Status Report Template helps you keep track of your critical transition tasks, so that you can manage risk, and report on the main Transition progress areas.
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Supply Chain Cost

Supply Chain Costs Template (PowerPoint)

A step by step guide showing you how to establish and present your supply chain costs and how to start making savings.
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Excel Transition Plan Template - DRP format

Excel Transition Plan Template

The Microsoft Excel Transition Plan Template presents your transition in simple roadmap graphic, so that anyone can understand it rapidly. Starting state, plans, milestones, risk level and target state. Simple.
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Contemporary Phased Agile Resource Roadmap design from 2018

Resource Plan with Workstream Resource Changes Template

Show the changes in resource levels for each of your projects or workstreams over time. Highlight costs, project timings, resource changes, risk levels, AND your milestones, in one easily digestible diagram.
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Excel Risk Log with Dashboard and Mitigation Schedule Chart

Solution-focused Excel Risk Log with Dashboard Template

This Risk Log template supports a Solution-focused Risk Management strategy by combining a powerful Risk Dashboard with Mitigation Data. Show HOW and WHEN your risks will be mitigated, and WHO owns them.
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Powerpoint RACI Matrix Template

Powerpoint RACI Presentation Template

This Powerpoint RACI Presentation Template includes easy-to-edit RACI formats: RACI along the top, down the left, and RACI represented within the Matrix
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RACI Matrix Template for Product Roles

Excel RACI Matrix Template with 3 Formats

RACI Matrix Template including 3 formats to quickly allocate project Roles and Responsibilities. The simple matrix format is easy to edit and complete.
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RACI Template & Dashboard for managing project responsibilities (Excel)

This RACI template allows you list your project tasks with RACI roles & responsibilities for each person. The RACI Dashboard indicates project responsibility readiness using this data.
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Innovation Implementation

Innovation Implementation Powerpoint

The Innovation Implementation Powerpoint gives you requirements, overview, methodology and resource planning to get innovation functioning in your business.
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Innovation Project Transfer Template (Powerpoint)

Powerpoint Innovation Project Transfer Template

Four professional templates to help plan and present an Innovation Transfer Project. Move your Product Prototype through to Production "Business As Usual".
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8004 screen shot

Market Analysis Presentation

A powerpoint market analysis presentation template covering PEST and Porters 5 Forces to give a wider market overview and then an internal analysis to show actual buying power
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Step-by-step Keynote Roadmap Template Example

Step-by-step Keynote Roadmap Template Guide

This easy-to-follow Keynote Roadmap Template Guide will walk you through a 6 step process to create your own Project Roadmap in Keynote.
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Roadmap with PEST factors, milestones and KPIs

Powerpoint Roadmap Template with PEST Factors & Milestones

This Powerpoint Roadmap with PEST Factors Template shows how your Project delivers Strategic Benefit. See PEST, KPI, Risk, Phases and Risk levels.
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Benefits Map in the Innovation Project Proposal Template (Powerpoint)

Innovation Project Proposal Template (Powerpoint)

This Innovation Project Proposal Template outlines a "People-led" Innovation Project. There are step-by-step instructions and notes to help you.
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Problem Statement Template - be clear and communicate the issue and remedy!

Problem Statement Template to Support an Innovation Proposal

Use this Problem Statement Template to communicate your issue in 3-steps. The guidance and notes are focussed on making the case for an innovation project.
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3 Year (Quarterly) Change Programme Roadmap: 4 Workstreams

Powerpoint Change Programme Roadmap Template

Use this Powerpoint Change Programme Roadmap Template to refine your programme plans into an inspirational story. This will save you time explaining long documents, and will help your team focus on the mission: Make your Change Programme a success!
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Business Continuity Plan - Premium Template Pack

Business Continuity Plan - Premium Template Pack

This fantastic template bundle provides you with the tools to develop your own business continuity plan - "BCP".
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Project Retrospective & Lessons Learned "How To" Guide (Powerpoint)

The Project Retrospective & Lessons Learned template provides a simple how to guide to run a positive and productive Project Retro session.
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Change Programme Roadmap: Transitions & Benefits Template (Visio)

The Change Programme Roadmap shows clear transition, benefits, and objectives of your change programme. Map out your workstreams and KPIs - all on 1 sheet.
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Internal Business Governance for Launching a New Product

New Product Launch Governance Template

This Template covers the internal governance around launching a new product within your organisation. Make sure your audit trail is complete!
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Cost Savings Plan Template

Cost Savings Plan Template (Visio)

The ultimate format to show your Cost Savings Plan: Arrange your projects on the Timeline, and describe the risk levels, KPIs, and Milestones.
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Strategy Delivery Template - Plan, Timeline, Goals & KPIs

Strategy Delivery Template (Visio)

This Strategy Delivery template shows your Plan, KPIs, Milestones & Project Goals clearly on 1 side of paper - Ideal for busy executives!
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Powerpoint Business Goal Deployment Roadmap Template

Powerpoint Business Goal Deployment Roadmap Template

This Powerpoint Business Goal Deployment Roadmap template will enable you to quickly communicate your strategy. The simple format is easy to edit.
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Strategy Roadmap Template Powerpoint

Strategy Roadmap Template PowerPoint

This Strategy Roadmap Template PowerPoint shows strategic phases, starting state & target state, KPIs, and workstream activities with risk scores. Designed by professionals and used by 1,000s of strategy pros around the world.

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Powerpoint Workstream Timeline Template

Powerpoint Timeline Template

Featuring 15 Powerpoint Timeline Template Presentation slide formats: Roadmaps, Timelines, Infographics, Project Plans, with 3, 4 and 5 Workstreams to show your project plans and timings.
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Crisis Management Roadmap Template

Project Crisis Management Roadmap Template (Visio)

This Project Crisis Management Roadmap Template will help you define, communicate and manage your plans for project recovery. A simple MS Visio template format.
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Excel RAID Log & Dashboard Template

RAID Log Excel Template

This RAID Log Excel Template helps you track detailed Risks, Assumptions, Issues and Dependencies and presents them on a summary Dashboard for easy understanding. Great for Board Reports and Status Reports.

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The Visio Strategy Roadmap Template is the perfect Strategic Communication plan - Business Change, KPI, Initiatives, Timeline

Strategy Roadmap Template (Visio)

The Visio Strategy Roadmap Template is the perfect Strategic Communication plan - Business Change, KPI, Initiatives, Timeline - all with a stylish design.

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Simple Powerpoint SWOT Template

Simple SWOT Template

This Simple SWOT Template is an easy to edit SWOT layout. Add to presentation and add your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.
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Visio Transition Plan Template - manage your cultural change

Transition Plan Template (Visio)

Need to manage a large organisational change / Re-Org? This Transition Plan Template will show your "Change Plans" in a simple 1-sider for all stakeholders.
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