New Product Definition Template

This template includes a range of successful formats that will help you present and communicate the high level features and plan for a new product.

Better than Long Product Backlogs and Gantt Charts!

Use these tried and tested, focused formats to communicate the details of your new product to your stakeholders, funders and sponsors.

Each of these is understandable in minutes, and will help you cut through the noise.

Product Definition Formats

  1. Product Feature Map – ALPHA to MVP, and MVP to Phase 2
  2. Rollout Roadmap – Show the Product launch plan on 1 side
  3. RACI – Set out the Product roles and responsibilities, simply, quickly!
  4. Business Model Canvas – Define your business model on 1 side of paper
  5. Lean Canvas – Define your startup business model on 1 side of paper
  6. “Five Product Levels” for Marketing – explain the different perspectives of your product to help marketing
  7. “Four Product Levels” – A 4-level view of your product, to support marketing

30 Slides: Editorial Guidance, plus the 7 Template formats

The Product Definition Template - 30 slides of editorial and templates
The Product Definition Template features 7 formats, with editorial guidance for when to use them.

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