Lean Product Development

Lean Product Development, or “LPD”, is the most popular approach to project management and delivery in the Software industry. Use these templates to support your Lean process. (More about “Lean” at Wikipedia).

Download these templates to help you save time.

Discount Bundles to use for Lean Product Development

New Product Development Template Discount Bundle (NPD)

New Product Development (NPD) Startup Template Bundle - Powerpoint & Excel

Are you working on a Startup or in New Product Development (NPD)? These MVP, Agile Release Plans, Business Model Canvas, User Story Mapping, and Roadmap templates help you and your team.

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Agile Project Template Discount Bundle

Agile Project Template Discount Bundle (PPT & Excel)

Roadmaps, User Story Mapping, Minimum Viable Product, Retrospective, Release Plans and more in this Agile Project Template discount bundle.
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Project Planning Template Discount Bundle

Project Planning Template Discount Bundle

Including our most popular planning templates - RAID, Roadmap, Agile, Lean, Timeline, Product Plans - The Project Planning Template Bundle is >65% Off!
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Timeline Templates Discount Selection: >60% off

Timeline Template Formats Discount Bundle: >60% off

Including our most popular timelines and time-based templates, the Timeline Templates Discount Selection gives you more than 60% off the normal price.
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Lean Product Development Professional Downloads

Lean Business Model Canvas Template PowerPoint

Lean Business Model Canvas PowerPoint with Tips and Guidance

Are you struggling with your Lean Canvas? Use this Lean Business Model Canvas Powerpoint to get help at every stage from professionals.
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AIETA Consumer Product Adoption Process

AIETA PowerPoint Template - Product Adoption Conversion Funnel Guide

Do you want to increase your product adoption? Use the AIETA Powerpoint to convert awareness, interest, evaluation, trial and adoption. Cheat sheet, workshop packs and editorial guides all included.
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Product Value Prop Canvas Powerpoint Template - Both Versions with Step by Step Guidance

The Product Value Prop Canvas Powerpoint + Step by Step Guidance is a great tool to help you create your value prop canvas.
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Delivery Guide and template for an Innovation Hackathon Event

2 Day Hackathon Event Guide - Simple Step by Step for success, and avoid the common mistakes

This 70 slide PPT tells you how to run an "in person" 2-day Hack Event, and helps you with tips and problems to avoid so that you can maximise your Hackathon Event success.

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Business Case and justification for a Hackathon Event

Hackathon Business Case Guide & Template (PPT and Keynote)

The business case guide template for your Innovation Hackathon Event: Argue the benefits to your organisation and staff using these 60 slides of guidance and templates.
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Screenshot 2017-10-15 17.21.16

New Product Definition Template

This template includes a range of successful formats that will help you present and communicate the high level features and plan for a new product.
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Excel Roadmap 1

Excel Roadmap Template

A stylish roadmap template in excel format - perfect for adding to existing financial sheets so all your project details are in kept in the same format
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Visio Agile Release Plan for Scrum Teams MVP (Story Mapping)

Visio Agile Release Plan for Scrum Teams (Story Mapping)

This Visio Agile Release Plan Template is designed to help Scrum Teams coordinate Product MVP release planning. Uses a Story Mapping method for MVP focus.
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Project Retrospective & Lessons Learned "How To" Guide (Powerpoint)

The Project Retrospective & Lessons Learned template provides a simple how to guide to run a positive and productive Project Retro session.
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Visio Agile Roadmap Template

Agile Roadmap Template (Visio)

This stylish Visio Agile Roadmap shows your Product Plans over time, It includes Workstreams, milestones, KPIs, and stylish graphics. Loved by many.
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Powerpoint Business Goal Deployment Roadmap Template

Powerpoint Business Goal Deployment Roadmap Template

This Powerpoint Business Goal Deployment Roadmap template will enable you to quickly communicate your strategy. The simple format is easy to edit.
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Agile User Story Map (Visio) Template

User Story Map Template (Visio)

The User Story Mapping template helps agile release planning, ensuring structure to the backlog driven by business benefits.
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