Strategy Delivery Template (Visio)

Strategy Delivery Template - Plan, Timeline, Goals & KPIs

This Strategy Delivery template shows your Plan, KPIs, Milestones & Project Goals clearly on 1 side of paper – Ideal for busy executives!

What’s the problem?

Strategic planning is an area of much discussion and opinion. In most organisations the process can take months and require many many meetings. The documentation becomes massive and detailed, and this leads to confusion and miscommunication when you get to DELIVERY TIME. So…

What’s the Important Question?

How do I create a simple Strategic Delivery Plan?… so that people understand it IMMEDIATELY and take the message away with them?

Step One: Organise your Goals and KPIs!

  • Define your Goals: Stick with 3 Goals. This works best and follows The Rule of Three.
  • Establish the supporting Projects: Group your project as “Initiatives” into the 3 Goals.
  • Define your KPIs: Show what you will measure, and when, to demonstrate success.

Step Two: Fit it on 1 SIDE of paper

The story must be short & punchy:

  • Be Ruthless: Only include the projects that feed into your KPIs & Goals.
  • Be Reasonable: Ensure that the teams in question have enough bandwidth.
  • Be Honest: Flag up the Risks & Issues!

This is how you will focus everyone on delivering the Strategy: KEEP THE MESSAGE SIMPLE!

Use our Strategy Delivery Template to get the message across

It Ensures Clear Communication.

The Legend for the Plan and Strategy Delivery template

The Legend for the Plan and Strategy Delivery template: KPI, Project Risk Level

Everything is arranged by Business GOAL and KPIs.

Goal Workstreams in the Plan and Strategy Delivery template

The Goal Workstream in the Plan and Strategy Delivery template shows who is the “Owner”, the intiatives, and the KPIs for each GOAL.

Strategy Delivery Template Features:-

  • Configurable Timeline: Set the date range & format.
  • Drag-able Milestones: Organise your Milestones.
  • 3 Goal Workstreams: Focus everyone on what is important.
  • 2 Initiative Workstreams per Goal: Arrange the Projects for each Goal.
  • Work Units: Show the project activities and risk levels.
  • KPIs: Show what you are measuring.

Get the template now, and create a brilliant Strategy Delivery Plan

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