Powerpoint Agile Release Plan Template

Powerpoint Agile Release Plan Template

The Agile Release Plan Template allows you to show your Agile Programme Plan featuring EPICs and THEMEs, with Release Dates. Especially useful for Scrum teams in a portfolio.

9 Useful Agile Release Plan Slides in 1 Pack!

  1. Release Plan Title Slide
  2. “What is a Release Plan” Explanation Slide
  3. “Guidance” Slide, explaining how to use the Release Plan Template
  4. “Monthly Theme Summary” Release Plan
    1. Timeline with Milestones
    2. Programme-level summary workstream
    3. Five Workstreams
    4. Theme markers within each workstream
    5. Labels for the Themes
    6. Legend for Risk Level
  5. “Quarterly Theme Summary” Release Plan
    1. Same as Monthly Release Plan
    2. but featuring months instead of weeks to allow Quarterly visibility
  6. “Iteration Summary” Release Plan (4 Workstreams)
    1. Release Plan Template showing Iterations
    2. Displaying 1, 2, 3 and 4-week Iterations
    3. Showing Themes and Epics within Iterations
  7. “Iteration Summary” Release Plan (2 Workstreams)
    1. Same as 4 Workstream Iteration Summary
    2. but with only 2 Workstreams
  8. “High Level Features” Release Plan
    1. Two Workstreams
    2. Timeline with Milestones
    3. Two Themes
    4. Epics within the Themes on the Timeline
    5. Epic Description
  9. Release Plan RAID Summary
    1. Risks, Assumptions, Issues & Dependencies

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