How do I create an Agile Project Release Plan?

Powerpoint Agile Release Plan Template

Notes, templates, tips and tricks for how to create an agile project release plan.

How should I create an Agile Release Plan?

1. Start with User Story Mapping to arrange your delivery into a series of “Releases” that each deliver value as quickly as possible.
2. If you have multiple workstreams, summarise the release plan as a Roadmap Format. Make sure that you emphasise to all stakeholders that timings are based on estimates.

What is a User Story Map?

First published by Jeff Patton, User Story Mapping is an easy way to prioritise meaningful groups of user stories, as a team exercise, so that you plan and communicate a series of releases.

User Story Mapping

User Story Mapping is a brilliant approach by Jeff Patton to organise your backlog into a series of “slices” across your system (or “vertical slices”).

These slices form your “releases” and deliver value to your users.

This template helps with the User Story Mapping process.

Powerpoint User Story Mapping Template
This template includes 22 slides that walk you through the User Story Mapping process, and provides templates at each stage.

Multi-workstream Agile Release Plans

This agile release plan powerpoint template shows multiple workstreams, Epics, and sprint goals.

Powerpoint Agile Release Plan Template
Powerpoint Agile Release Plan Template

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