Powerpoint Project Timeline Template

Show your project plans & workstreams using this Powerpoint Project Timeline Template. Much better than a Gantt – you can see all plans “at a glance”.

Powerpoint Project Timeline Template features:

  1. Legend – showing four statuses: Speculative, In Planning, Signed Off and At Risk.
  2. Milestones & Checkpoints – showing the key dates on your project timeline.
  3. Timeline – using a standard Powerpoint table so that you can change the date range.
  4. Five workstream areas – you can add or delete workstreams to suit your project.
  5. Investment notes areas – one on the left of each workstream.
  6. Project Bars – each workstream shows project bars to clearly show important activities.

Communicate your important Project information quickly!

This document is easily understood in minutes – it clearly shows the important parts of your project, on a timeline.

More effective than a Gantt for rapid understanding.

You don’t need endless Gantt charts and spreadsheets to explain your project – use this 1-side design to communicate project plans and risk at-a-glance!

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