Powerpoint Resource Plan Template for Agile Projects

The Powerpoint Resource Plan template shows resource types, workstreams, milestones, and timeline. Ideal for Agile.

Template features

  1. Resource Plan Heading
  2. Resource Plan Legend
    1. Resource Types – 10 varieties, colour-coded
    2. Project Status – Red, Amber, Green (RAG)
  3. Timeline
    1. One year – in 12 month segments
    2. Milestones along timeline
  4. Workstream project activity bars
    1. Each workstream has space for Roadmap-type activity/project bars
  5. Resource Plan Areas in Format A
    1. Management Resource Area
    2. Main Workstream 1
    3. Main Workstream 2
    4. Support Workstream
  6. Resource Plan Areas in Format B
    1. Management Resource area
    2. Four equal, major Workstream areas (4 large workstreams)

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    You have a great product.

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