Project Handover PowerPoint

This captures the key elements of a project so you can deliver a smooth handover.

Handing over a project to a new manager or into business as usual always carries a risk. It is important to capture all the key information so we created this pack to make it easier.

All content is easy to edit to meet your needs.

Project Handover PowerPoint Features 

  1. Project Dashboard keeping key details in one place.
  2. Milestone Tracker showing project progress.
  3. RACI map detailing who in the project is responsible for what activity.
  4. Stakeholder contact list to prevent wasted time searching for contact details.
  5. Stakeholder mapping so you can proactively manage the key stakeholders.
  6. Meeting and activity schedule so that meetings and workshops continue to take place.
  7. Document filing structure so that everyone knows where all the documents and files are stored.
  8. 3rd Party contract overview listing key clauses so that the contract does not need re-reading.
  9. Status Tracker so you can show the budget and project delivery at a glance.


Dashboard showing key information at a glance.
Milestone Tracker detailing progress against target.
RACI (Responsible Accountable Consulted Informed). All members of the project team are clear on who is responsible for what activity.
Contact list so that new project members do not waste hours trying to locate e-mail addresses or phone numbers.
Stakeholder Mapping. All key stakeholders are detailed and their interests in different work streams indicated so they can be managed.
Meeting and activity schedule.
Document filing structure. so that Project teams can find documents.
3rd Party Legal contract overview shows key clauses to save time re-reading.
Status tracker so you can present budget and costs against target

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Last Updated : September 16th, 2020