Project Resources & Budget Roadmap Template (Visio)

This template clearly shows allocation to each workstream and aligns it to project plans and activities. Project Resources & Budget Roadmap since 2008.

Leave your Gantt and budget sheets at home! … this template tells it all on 1 piece of paper.

The Project Resources & Budget Roadmap Template includes:

  1. Legend: A legend for the Project Activity shape status.
  2. Timeline: A timeline with example milestones and areas where you can describe what’s happening
  3. Milestones: The milestones can be dragged along the timeline, and the dates change automatically.
  4. Project Swim Lanes: 5 project workstreams.
  5. Resources & Budget: An area against each workstream to detail the resources and/or budget allocated to that workstream.
Project Resources & Budget Roadmap
The Project Resources & Budget Roadmap has clear workstreams, project activities, and resource & budget allocation.

How do I use this template?

It’s easy – download it, and then use Microsoft Visio software to edit it. There are no advanced or difficult features, just normal MS Visio editing.

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