RAG Status Template PowerPoint

RAG Status Traffic Lights - NYC Style

The RAG Status Template provides a range of RAG formats so that you can communicate project risk levels – Red, Amber, Green – quickly and easily.

The RAG Status Template Includes

  1. Speedometers so that you can show RAG status with dials.
  2. Traffic Lights to show RAG status simply.
  3. Tabular formats to give context to your risk level quickly.
  4. A selection of RAG Status formats so that you can choose one to suit your project.

RAG Status Traffic Lights

RAG Status with SWOT - New York Traffic Light Style
RAG Status with SWOT – New York Traffic Light Style

RAG Status Template with New York -style lights

RAG Status with Traffic Lights and notes.
RAG Status with New York City styled traffic lights and areas for notes under each one.

Speedometers / Dials

This graphical format shows 3 speedometers (risk dials)
This status format shows 3 speedometers (risk dials)

Status with your KPIs

Show RAG status against KPIs so that you can track progress and risk together.

RAG Status with KPIs
RAG Status with KPIs

Slides Contents for this template

RAG Status Template - PowerPoint Slide Contents
RAG Status – Show risk levels in a variety of formats with these PowerPoint Slides.

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