What is the best RAG Status graphic?

The best RAG status presentation graphic

RAG Status – Red / Amber / Green – can be shown in a variety of formats. Which is the best RAG Status graphic?

What’s the best RAG status graphic?

Traffic lights are useful RAG graphics if you have just one or two statuses to report. If you want to show more, LED lights can be used. Dials are useful RAG status indicators if you want to show e.g. where in “Green” your green status currently is; i.e. Is it very green?.. or is it nearly amber?
When to use different RAG formats.

What are the different RAG status traffic lights?

You can use the Red Amber Green of traffic lights in different graphic styles: USA traffic lights, UK traffic lights, New York style traffic lights, or just a plain generic style.
The styles of RAG Status traffic lights

UK and USA Traffic Light styles

Use these striking UK and USA styles to bring your presentation alive. Many people make the mistake of using simplistic graphics (three circles in a rectangle) which can be so boring!

Add spice to your presentation with authentic, clear graphics.

UK and USA style Traffic Lights
UK and USA style Traffic Lights

New York style traffic lights

New York and Generic style Traffic Lights
New York and Generic style Traffic Lights

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Last Updated : October 25th, 2020