Supply Chain and Procurement Management (Powerpoint)

A guide to supply chain and procurement activity to enable cost control of a supply chain. Provides an overview and detail of what to do.

Do you want to know what your supply chain and procurement management function should look like? This template provides content for structuring a high-level overview, as well as detailed information on activities that need completing.

Supply chains are complex networks of companies, people, and departments all working together to provide products and services. The goal for any business is not just efficient use of resources but also ensuring that they have access when needed.
This presentation will discuss how your company should approach management within these areas with an emphasis on commercial topics such as managing suppliers/buyers etc.

This resource covers;

  1. Structure overview.
  2. High level activity by area.
  3. Tactical procurement approach
  4. Commercial management evolution to transform your supply chain.
  5. Supply chain development.

The slides are designed to be presentable to any stakeholder and can easily be edited to suit your own needs.

supply chain and procurement management structure

Essential for any supply chain and procurement management.

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