Supply Chain Costs Template (PowerPoint)

A step by step guide showing you how to establish and present your supply chain costs and how to start making savings.

Use this step by step guide to establish what your supply chain costs are and who your suppliers are so you can start making savings.

The 8 steps with their own slides cover;

  1. Establishing who your suppliers are.
  2. Putting your supply chain into manageable categories.
  3. Then breaking this down into subcategories.
  4. Listing them by how much you spend.
  5. Finding out and capturing any contractual terms you have and how well they are performing.
  6. Creating a category card for your spend.
  7. Negotiation steps with tracker so you can record progress.
  8. A savings tracker to present your hard work.

Sub category spend showing detail by type.

Supply Chain Spend

Category Card to show a wider understanding of the spend and strategy of your supply chain costs.

Progress tracker which is automated

Savings tracker which shows what has been achieved and what is still to come

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