Tender Analysis (Excel)

A complete tender analysis scoring matrix ready to be used with full question sets included. Weighted according to current requirements, this matrix allows you to run a full Request For Information (RFI) then score responses.

Anyone buying goods and services on behalf of a company, big or small, should follow standard procurement best practice. This template covers all the basic question sets you are likely to need, included in full, as well as a scoring matrix which is weighted and editable to suit individual requirements.

The template is split into two main categories – the first focusing on the company itself (Corporate Information) and the second on how the company performs and operates (Performance).

This excel template features 101 key question sets to allow you to evaluate bidding companies against your requirements.

Key areas covered include;

Corporate Information

  • Company structure and ownership
  • Accreditation’s
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Data and information security
  • Business Continuity Plans
  • Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Corporate Social Responsibilities
  • Human Resources
  • Financial performance
  • Company culture


  • Operational
  • Supplier Management
  • Skills and competency
  • Work capacity
  • Technology and data provision
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Complaint management
  • Audit and leakage
  • Right First Time measures
  • Customer

There are two versions included in the tender analysis – one for where there are a smaller number of companies bidding (Version 1) and one for multiple bidders (Version 2). Version 1 allows a more detailed approach, capturing key information points and issues to raise and a revised scoring area after discussions or a visit has taken place. Version 2 is scoring only.

Both formats include a dashboard and pricing analysis tool.

Version 1 dashboard
Version 2 Dashboard
Version 1 Scoring Sheet

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