Strategic Analysis Formats

Templates and Guides for strategic analysis. These products are created by professionals so that you can save time and money, and make an impact with your documentation.

Discount Bundles to use for Strategic Analysis Formats

Strategic Planning Tools - Discount Bundle

These strategic planning tools formats have been refined by our professionals through years of experience, so that you can save time and make your planning, reporting, and communication as impressive as possible, rapidly.
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Strategic Analysis Formats Professional Downloads

STEEPLED Analysis Template with Cheat Sheet and Workshop PPT

STEEPLED Analysis Template with Cheat Sheet and Workshop is the perfect PPT for professionals who want to explore the latest trends in market research. The cheat sheet provides an overview of the STEEPLED framework, and the workshop template helps you to apply it in a team setting.
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Tender Analysis Overview

Tender Analysis (Excel)

A complete tender analysis scoring matrix ready to be used with full question sets included. Weighted according to current requirements, this matrix allows you to run a full Request For Information (RFI) then score responses.
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Market Analysis Presentation

A powerpoint market analysis presentation template covering PEST and Porters 5 Forces to give a wider market overview and then an internal analysis to show actual buying power
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SWOT Analysis Templates Pack

SWOT Analysis Templates for 2021

This SWOT Analysis Templates pack features 24 Powerpoint guidance and template slides: cheat sheet, list, prioritisation, actions, and SWOT Plan.

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