Transition Plan Template (Visio)

Need to manage a large organisational change / Re-Org? This Transition Plan Template will show your “Change Plans” in a simple 1-sider for all stakeholders.

Transition Plan Template features

  1. Timeline with draggable milestones.
  2. Event markers in each workstream.
  3. Management workstream (to show coordination activities in the transition project).
  4. Communications Workstream (announcements, comms).
  5. HR Workstream (transition HR issues management).
  6. Relocation Workstream.
  7. IT Workstream (PC and telecomms).

Present your transition benefits alongside your workstream plans!

This template requires Microsoft Visio.

The Transition Plan Template timeline
The Transition Plan Template timeline provides a simple way to show Milestones, and track the whole project
Transition Plan Template Workstreams
The Transition Plan Template shows who owns the workstream, and is accountable.

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  1. Jordan

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    • Jordan
  2. Michael

    I am a VP for a growing IT Support and Services company in Hawthorne, NY USA. I had gotten a last minute assignment from the owners and needed to provide them with an updated roadmap of how I am dovetailing my multiple initiatives across the organization and give a concise view of the benefits (planned and actual). It was near the end of another 14 plus hour day and I was looking at all of my data, project plans, programs and portfolios and wishing I had a way to not reinvent the wheel, yet again.

    My prayers were answered when I found Business Documents UK. Although, I must admit I was a bit skeptical at first. Business Documents UK was a new name to me and they are a ½ a world away from my office in Hawthorne, NY USA. I got to the site and I was pleasantly surprised to find a number of very professional, comprehensive, evolved templates and even more impressed when I saw an entire section dedicated to roadmaps!

    I went through a few of them and found the one that met my needs and in an instant I had it in my inbox. I knew it was a Visio template and I am running Visio 2016 so I was quite happy to see two (2) versions of the file, one of which would work with 2016. But as quickly as my hopes had risen they were dashed when I could not get the file to open. I tried a number of different things, checked the web and finally had to write back to Business Documents UK and share my issue with them.

    I left for the night thinking about the issue and figuring that I would have to fix it myself to get the report out in time or build the report from scratch. Much to my joyous surprise I had a LinkedIn In-mail and another email in my inbox waiting for me. Business Documents UK immediately saw my issue, sent new, tested versions of the files and they were in my inbox waiting for me when I walked in to my office the next morning.

    Along with them was an email, not a form support email, but someone at Business Documents UK took the time to write back to me and apologize. The email went on to provide me with new the new files and on top of the stellar response time and excellent customer service they offered me a template of my choice for my “troubles”.

    In the ever changing e-commerce landscape it is nice to see that the pillars of proper customer service are as strong as ever at Business Documents UK. In addition, I got the sense that they actually cared about me and about the work I was trying to complete. It was like having another teammate to turn to for assistance.

    Thank you Jeff, Matt and everyone at Business Documents UK for providing me with a great tool to save time and as a result increase the overall effectiveness and success of my endeavor. With your excellent support and customer service you can rest assured I will be using Business Documents UK to fulfill my template needs moving forward.

  3. Rachelle

    I’ve bought several of the Discount Bundles, and am enjoying the variety of templates – especially the time savings.  What an impact they’re having when I use them. Great value and a real pleasure. Thanks!

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