Transition Status Report Template (Excel)

The Transition Status Report Template helps you keep track of your critical transition tasks, so that you can manage risk, and report on the main Transition progress areas.

Stay organised with this simple Transition Status Report Template

  1. Group your Transition Tasks by business area: Systems, Services, Staff, Suppliers, Sites.
  2. Manage your Transition Tasks by risk level: Using standard Risk Severity and Likelihood.
  3. Summarise your progress on the simple Dashboard: Not started, In progress, Done!

The Transition Report Dashboard

  • Count of tasks by business area.
  • Risk levels and count per risk level.
  • Progress: Started? Done?
  • Overall progress of all tasks.
  • Document Versioning.
Transition Status Dashboard
Show a simple Dashboard summary of your Transition Status

Add your Transition Task List

Transition Status Report Task List
Transition Status Report Task List – add line items to keep track and to report

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