User Story Map Template (Visio)

Agile User Story Map (Visio) Template

The User Story Mapping template helps agile release planning, ensuring structure to the backlog driven by business benefits.

The User Story Map is a useful agile release planning tool. It ensures delivery of a viable, useful product with clear business benefits for each release. It is often used to reach an MVP plan.

The User Story Map Template features:

FORMAT 1: User Story Mapping with 3 Releases + Icebox.

User Story Map Template - 3 Releases Plus Icebox

User Story Map Template – 3 Releases Plus Icebox.

FORMAT 2: User Story Mapping with 2 Releases

User Story Map Template - 2 Releases

User Story Map Template – 2 Releases.

FORMAT 3: User Story Mapping on Timeline – Roadmap Format

User Story Map Template - Release Plan on Timeline

User Story Map Template – Release Plan on Timeline – Helps wit MVP

Areas of the Template

  1. Features Row – The “Backbone”.
    1. A User Story Map arranges the high level features across the top.
    2. These can be “Feature” or “EPIC” items.
    3. The Features are in order of system events, or in order of sequence of use by the end user.
    4. This row of features across the top forms the structure to the Story Map.
  2. Releases – GOAL & User Stories row.
    1. GOAL – area to define the Goal of Release 1.
    2. Driven by Business Benefit.
    3. Containing the essential user stories for each Feature or EPIC which deliver to that Goal.
  3. On Ice (Icebox).
    1. User Stories that may be important to stakeholders,
    2. but do not deliver to the business goals of Releases 1-3.

You can read more about User Story Mapping here if you are interested in the detail from Jeff Patton,

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