Business Roadmap Template

Business Roadmap Template

This Business Roadmap Template includes business planning Workstreams, risk level, SWOT, PESTLE, Timeline, Milestones and two different styles so that you can present your roadmap professionally with Powerpoint.

Why use this Business Roadmap?

  • Firstly, this format is perfect to show your important plans and aspirations.
  • Secondly, you show all the crucial information presented on one side of paper.
  • Thirdly, you present the important SWOT or PESTLE factors around your project.
  • Finally, you emphasise the high risk areas that require management and mitigation.

The Business Roadmap format includes

  1. Four Swimlanes to show your plans.
  2. A Timeline to communicate the order of delivery.
  3. Milestones that show the important events and the dates.
  4. Red, Amber, Green (RAG) Risk Levels to show risk levels.
  5. SWOT, or PESTLE factors to give context around your project.

Business Roadmap Template Design

1 – Business Roadmap with SWOT Factors v1

Business Roadmap Template with SWOT factors

Business Roadmap Template with SWOT factors, and RAG status for your Planning and Reporting.

2 – Business Roadmap with PESTLE Factors v2

Business Roadmap Template with PESTLE

Business Roadmap Template with PESTLE, Risks and Issues, in striking colours, for your Reporting and Planning.

The Business Roadmap template is available in Microsoft Visio format.

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