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Matt Shearer has 20+ years experience with internet publishing, digital, and innovation projects. He founded “BBC News Labs” in 2012. Matt currently consults as a Product Innovation Consultant for startups.

45 Best Hack Event SWAG and Branded Merch ideas

Are you looking for branded “Merch” for your Hack event? Here’s our 45 Best Hack Event SWAG ideas. Top SWAG Branded versions of these items: Backpack Baseball cap Beach Ball Beach Towel Beanie hat Beer Stein Bottle opener Business Card Holder Camper Mug (metal, vintage) Card wallet Classic Mug Cord Tacos (hold your leads together)

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The FROST Innovation Framework for in-house Innovation Programmes

A little heads-up – we’re starting on a new range of templates as part of the FROST Innovation Framework from GAS LABS. This is a useful new framework that supports medium-to-large organisations in creating productive and strategic in-house innovation capabilities. The FROST Innovation Framework is structured around five key characteristics: Focused – You articulate the challenge

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