Hackathon Rollout Guide – Getting Ready: Generate Excitement and Avoid Mistakes (PPT & Keynote)

From “green light” through to your event day, this guide helps you roll out your Hackathon. Avoid common issues, and get pointers for a great event.

Based on years of Hackathon Rollout and Innovation Programme Experience

Our consultants have been involved in innovation programmes in multiple sectors, and include Matt Shearer who founded BBC News Labs in 2012, and delivered the #newsHACK series of Hackathons up to 2016.

This approach to Hackathon Rollout will de-stress your preparation, and help you focus on the key ingredients for success.

The Hackathon Rollout Guide & Template includes

  1. Roadmap.
    1. First seen in your Hackathon Design.
    2. Each element is explained.
  2. Venue.
    1. Work from your shortlist to your choice.
    2. Develop relationship with your Venue manager.
  3. Participants hitlist.
    1. The process of contacting and managing attendees.
    2. Some tips and tricks for ensuring a full event.
  4. Suppliers.
    1. Some guidance on suppliers to select.
    2. Common issues to avoid.
  5. Managing invitations.
    1. The process from “Save the date” through to event day.
    2. Spreadsheet tracking and Event registration.
  6. Marketing.
    1. Some pointers to help you plan.
  7. Tools and Resources.
    1. What you should bring to the event.
    2. Helpers, APIs and physical materials.
  8. Hackathon Team Formation.
    1. Key considerations.
    2. Unconference Hack Team formation guide.

Hackathon Rollout Roadmap

First developed in your Hackathon design phase, you will now use the Roadmap to help coordinate your Rollout.

How to use this Hackathon Rollout guide

This downloadable resource is in presentation format. You can use it as a checklist to help at each stage, or edit it and use it as a presentation to your teams.

The slides with yellow stripes at the bottom give editorial guidance based on Hackathon experience, and will help guide you through the Hackathon rollout process.


Innovation Hackathon Rollout Guide and Template Contents

This is Part 3 in our Innovation Hackathon series

This is Part 3 in the Innovation Hackathon Series

See the whole series here

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