AIETA PowerPoint Template – Product Adoption Conversion Funnel Guide

Do you want to increase your product adoption? Use the AIETA Powerpoint to convert awareness, interest, evaluation, trial and adoption. Cheat sheet, workshop packs and editorial guides all included.

What is AIETA?

AIETA is a model that can help you understand how people think about and use your products. It’s a framework for thinking through the stages of awareness, interest, evaluation, trial, to optimize your conversion funnel. We have included an AIETA Cheat Sheet so that you can understand each stage of AIETA.

How does this product help you?

You will learn how to roll out AIETA with your product using this PowerPoint template. It includes an AIETA Cheat Sheet and explanations of each part of AIETA, so that you can make the best conversion funnel.

The ‘AIETA’ acronym is for the five stages in the model:

  1. Awareness,
  2. Interest,
  3. Evaluation,
  4. Trial, and
  5. Adoption.

Use this template to help you optimize your product conversion funnel every day!

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AIETALA: The Improved Product Adoption Model for 2022

The ‘AIETALA’ acronym is for the seven stages in the expanded AIETA model: Awareness, Interest, Evaluation, Trial, Adoption, Loyalty, and Advocacy.

We have included the extra “L” for “Loyalty”, and the final “A” for “Advocacy” because these points are crucial to modern product marketing and competitive advantage.

The original AIETA model was created by Everett Rogers in his “Diffusion of Innovation theory” in 1962 to help product creators increase their sales conversions.

Includes Editorial Guidance to implement your conversion funnel

What do you get with this AIETA Template?

  1. 20 PowerPoint slides that are easy to edit.
  2. Editorial guidance about each element of AIETA to help beginners.
  3. Templates for AIETALA Workshops to get you started quickly.
  4. A Persona Template so that you can understand your target customer.
  5. The Point of View Template to communicate emotional needs.
  6. Value Proposition Canvas Template to clearly communicate your product-market fit.
  7. “Do’s and Don’ts” to help you avoid common mistakes.
AIETA Product Adoption Funnel Template Contents
AIETA Product Adoption Funnel Template Contents.

This AIETA Powerpoint provides a guide and template selection so that you can roll out AIETA with your product and teams. It includes an AIETA Cheat Sheet and explanations of what to think about at each part of AIETA to show your teams.

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