Innovation Templates and Guides

Templates, Guides and Tools to help with your innovation programmes and projects.

Includes Hack Event design and Planning. Previously known as “Hackathons”. Hack Events have become a standard approach to high intensity collaboration, whereas their predecessors “Hackathons” were more competitive events involving overnighters and pizza.

Hackathon Rollout Guide – Getting Ready: Generate Excitement and Avoid Mistakes (PPT & Keynote)

Rolling out an Industry Hackathon Event

From “green light” through to your event day, this guide helps you roll out your Hackathon. Avoid common issues, and get pointers for a great event.

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Hackathon Task Checklist and Status Dashboard (Excel)

Hackathon Checklist

Keep track of your Hackathon Event tasks: This Hackathon Task Checklist is based on years of experience, and makes event rollout simple.

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Hackathon Budget Sheet Excel Template

Hackathon Budget Template in Excel

Requirements and Costs vary massively between Hackathon events. Use this Excel Hackathon Budget Template to select which line items you need, and then to populate with real figures for your target Venue, Participant count, and aspirational format.

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2 Day Hackathon Guide – Simple Step by Step – plus the mistakes to avoid

Delivery Guide and template for an Innovation Hackathon Event

Running a 2-Day Hackathon – Use our Simple Steps and avoid common issues. Keep the event moving, and your participants happy!

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Hack Day Event Template Discount Bundle

How to run your own Hackathon: The complete template pack.

This Hack Day Event Template Discount Bundle guides you through the Hack Event design and delivery process. Achieve your goal and avoid common mistakes.

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Design your Innovation Hackathon Event – Guide & Template (PPT and Keynote)


This 8-Part template comes with the crucial basics plus editorial guidance slides to help you design your first Innovation Hack Event.

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Hackathon Business Case Guide & Template (PPT and Keynote)

Business Case and justification for a Hackathon Event

The business case guide template for your Innovation Hackathon Event: Argue the benefits to your organisation and staff using these 60 slides of guidance and templates.

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Innovation Pipeline Structure: The Three Horizons Template

Three Horizons Innovation Pipeline strategy template

This Three Horizons Framework Template provides a simple flow for your Innovation Pipeline. Essential for all innovators and business leaders.

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FROST In-House Innovation Framework: Talent Attraction, Retention, Competitive Advantage

FROST Innovation Framework for in-house Innovation Programmes.

Make the most of your talented staff, attract new talent and build your competitive advantage using the FROST in-house innovation framework. This template sets out the principles and implementation guidelines.

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Innovation Project Templates – Discount Bundle

Innovation Project Toolbox Discount Bundle

This collection of Innovation Project Templates includes expert editorial guidance, & professional designs. Save now with the Innovation Project Toolbox.

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