Business Continuity Plan – Premium Template Pack

This fantastic template bundle provides you with the tools to develop your own business continuity plan – “BCP”.

A business continuity plan is an essential tool to address disasters and other events, which might prevent your business from functioning. Building a plan from scratch can be a daunting prospect.

This template bundle provides the practical foundation you need to develop your own business continuity plan. Use this template to plan against any event that may present a risk to your business.

Business Continuity Plan Template pack features:

  • 10 main documents and 7 appendices.
  • Key main documents including event scenario, scope, event management and many more.
  • Example wordings providing a contextual framework ensuring the templates are easy to follow and understand.
  • Extensive notes to explain the documents and their use.
  • Example process detailing the steps to building your plan.
  • Definitions of the teams required for the successful recovery of your business.
  • Includes minutes, testing and risk assessment technical templates.

Due diligence is an increasingly important part of modern businesses. Written by an industry expert, these templates are user friendly, easy to use, yet lead you a high quality result.

This template bundle will allow you to plan for any event. Producing a business continuity plan can be an arduous task. With this template bundle, you can move the production of your plan forward significantly.

Template documents included:

  • Start Here
  • Title Page
  • Index
  • Version Control
  • Terms Of Reference
  • Pre-Incident Readiness
  • Scenario Diagrams & Personnel
  • Response Teams
  • Event Stages
  • Scope & Activation
  • Event Management
  • Cascade
  • Checklist & Event Log
  • Risk Assessment
  • Walkthrough
  • Test Schedule
  • Plan Owner Responsibilities
  • Minutes

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