How do I present a Disaster Recovery Plan?

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Present a Disaster Recovery Plan to your Exec Board: Status, risk levels, robustness, and more.

How do I present a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)?

First: Present a summary of your mitigation plans, so that it is clear you have an answer to each potential disaster.
Second: Present a progress report of your plan coverage, showing where you are still exposed, so that it is clear what needs to be solved.
Finally: Present a DRP Robustness summary, so that you can show how strong each of your contingency planning areas are.

How do I create a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)?

Make a plan for each area of your business: Systems, Services, Staff, Suppliers, Sites. For each of these areas, you must make a series of disaster plans for the operational items in that area:
a) list the items you need to cover,
b) make a plan for each – how it will operate in an emergency,
c) allocate responsibilities to run that operation, and
d) test the disaster plan, with the people who are responsible.

What does a Disaster Recovery Plan look like?

You must have a dashboard to summarize your DRP, plus the detail behind the dashboard.
Powerpoint Disaster Recovery Plan Progress Dashboard

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Last Updated : October 17th, 2020