Use these PESTLE / STEEPLE / PESTELE / STEEPLED Template Formats to communicate your macro-economic factors. STEEPLE stands for Social, Technological, Economic, Environmental, Political, Legal, and Ethical, and overlaps with PESTLE, PESTEL and PESTELE analysis formats. The “D” in STEEPLED stands for “Demographic”, and this is to help a more detailed subsegment analysis of market factors by age and region.

Discount Bundles to use for PESTLE / STEEPLE / PESTELE / STEEPLED Template Formats

Strategic Planning Tools Discount Bundle

These strategic planning tools formats have been refined by our professionals through years of experience, so that you can save time and make your planning, reporting, and communication as impressive as possible, rapidly.
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PESTLE / STEEPLE / PESTELE / STEEPLED Template Formats Professional Downloads

PESTELE Cheat Sheet and Guide 2024

PESTELE Analysis PPT Template 2024 - with Ethical Factors

Do you want to conduct a PESTELE analysis for your business or project? Our PESTELE Analysis PPT Template 2024 is an ideal cheat sheet to support PESTELE workshops and product planning, with a special emphasis on Ethical factors.

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PESTEL Cheat Sheet 2024 PPT Template

Don't struggle with PESTEL analysis! Save your time and research by using our PESTEL Cheat Sheet 2024 PPT Template. Designed with simplicity and effectiveness in mind, this template provides a comprehensive list of factors to inform your organisation or venture strategy.

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STEEPLED Analysis PPT - Cheat Sheet Updated for 2024

This STEEPLED Analysis PPT with Cheat Sheet enables you to brainstorm and workshop all aspects of your product or service, in your exact market setting. The cheat sheets enable you to prompt your teams' thinking in each STEEPLED factor area so that you can maximise your chances of successful market fit.
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STEEPLE Cheat Sheet 2024

Use this STEEPLE Cheat Sheet 2024 PowerPoint so that you can create your analysis rapidly. Ideal for virtual workshops too. Includes updated factors relevant to 2024.

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A preview of the 2024 PESTLE Cheat Sheet

PESTLE Cheat Sheet 2024

Our PESTLE Cheat Sheet 2024 has been used by 1000s of consultants to support PESTLE workshops and product planning. Newly updated for 2024.

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Business Roadmap Template

Business Roadmap Template

This Business Roadmap Template includes business planning Workstreams, risk level, SWOT, PESTLE, Timeline, Milestones and two different styles so that you can present your roadmap professionally with Powerpoint.
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Innovation Project Transfer Template (Powerpoint)

Powerpoint Innovation Project Transfer Template

Four professional templates to help plan and present an Innovation Transfer Project. Move your Product Prototype through to Production "Business As Usual".
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Keynote Roadmap Template with SWOT & PESTLE

Keynote Roadmap Template with SWOT & PESTLE (Mac Compatible)

Keynote Roadmap Template with SWOT & PESTLE is ideal for Product Managers who want to create a Product Plan using Keynote software. Mac Compatible.
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PESTLE Strategic Impact Map - part of the PESTLE Product Strategy Plan

PESTLE Product Strategy Template (PowerPoint)

This PESTLE Product Strategy template helps inform your product roadmap with PESTLE analysis. Includes a selection of professional PESTLE Powerpoint Slides.
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Powerpoint Product Plan with SWOT and PESTLE

Product Plan Template: Roadmaps, SWOT & PESTLE (Powerpoint)

This Powerpoint Product Plan template includes 5 SWOT analysis, 6 PESTLE analysis, and 5 Product Roadmap formats to show plans with SWOT & PESTLE factors.
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