Change Programme Roadmap: Transitions & Benefits Template (Visio)

The Change Programme Roadmap shows clear transition, benefits, and objectives of your change programme. Map out your workstreams and KPIs – all on 1 sheet.

This template uses Microsoft Visio software. If you do not own Microsoft Visio license, use the Powerpoint version here.

Visio Change Programme Roadmap Template features

  1. Shows clear change using numerical values.
    1. Clarity for stakeholders and sponsors.
    2. Show what change is expected, and when.
    3. Show Benefits and KPIs in numerical values.
  2. Configrable Timeline.
    1. Update by right-clicking and change dates.
  3. Phase area.
    1. Break your programme into phases.
  4. Key Activities area.
    1. Milestones.
    2. Decision Points.
    3. Notes.
  5. Objectives – shown as red diamonds.
  6. Benefits area.
    1. show clearly the expected benefits of your programme.
    2. 3 available areas.
  7. Change Area 1.
    1. to show Strategic change.
    2. i.e. the change from one position/situation to another.
    3. Clear programme indicators.
  8. Change Area 2.
  9. Change Area 3.

Change Programme Roadmap - detail for Timeline, Phase and Key Activities
The Change Programme Roadmap shows details on the Timeline, Phase and Key Activities areas.

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