Comparison Template

A stylish PowerPoint comparison template which lets you quickly and effectively show the difference between different companies or products.

Make an informed choice between key products or or providers by using this comparison template.  The ability to compare different products or services in an easy to understand way is an important aspect that has to be considered during decision-making. This comparison template will help you compare different systems or companies in a quick and easy way. The information provided is presented with graphics for added effect!

This template features;

  1. Side by side bar and graphic comparison.
  2. A more detailed comparison by features.
  3. An overview of difference comparing todays view and the potential view.
  4. A comparison against your target.

The graphics are linked to data so you can edit very easily. 

Comparison Template High Level
A high-level bar graph that is automatically updated when the number is changed. (Simply right click to edit). No need to drag and change shape size!
A high level column graph which includes a target bar so you can show not just the comparison but against your targets. All data sets are automatically updated to save time and effort.
This comparison allows you to show differences not just for today but the potential too.

This is key to making an informed decision. If you are buying a product or service for a set number of years it is important to ensure that the product or service will be as at least as good at the end of that time as it was at the beginning.  
This comparison template is more detailed so you can show a deeper understanding of any differences. By grouping the criteria by the main functions you can easily show the key aspects that are important to individual stakeholders. 


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