Dashboard Report (Powerpoint)

A dashboard report perfect for updating key stakeholders on projects against delivery, including risk, SWOT, highlights and a roadmap.

A dashboard pack designed to impress key stakeholders when project updates are provided – suitable for all sizes of projects and ideal for reporting packs at a senior level.

Features include;

  1. Overall Summary dials
  2. Key Performance Indicator dials
  3. Risk profile and mitigation summary
  4. Delivery progress (burn up)
  5. Key dates
  6. Summary dials by area
  7. Highlight report with RAG status
  8. SWOT report with RAG status
  9. Risk profile and details of mitigation progress
  10. Delivery Roadmap (two different styles)

The status dials are semi-autonomous (i.e. are not just images) with the needles moved by embedded excel data within the powerpoint. This can be linked into your own data sources if required or left as standalone. Instructions are included as notes alongside the slides to aide changes which are straight forward.

The pack consists of;

Summary report with risk

Performance KPI’s dashboard, delivery progress and key date roadmap

Summary report status by area, RAG highlight report and Swot with indicators

Risk summary, profile, details of incidents raised and mitigation history

Roadmap (two different styles)

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Last Updated : November 12th, 2018


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