How do I track project progress?

RAG Status for the Innovation Project Status Report

There are plenty of formats to choose from: Progress Reports, Rollout Roadmaps, Backlogs, Dashboards and more.

How do I report on project progress?

For most projects, and most audiences, the project tracking formats that people will understand best is a Status Report or a Roadmap.
Using a Roadmap, you can show your whole project story on one slide.
Using a Status Report, you can update on risk and highlights.

What are the key elements of a Roadmap?

You must include 1) the timeframe, 2) key workstreams / project swim lanes, 3) important project areas, 4) milestones / goals, 5) a sense of risk and/or priority.

What are the key elements of a Project Status Report?

Focus on 1) Progress to date, 2) RAG status, 3) Risk Log Updates, 4) Immediate next steps.

A Rollout Roadmap is useful for “in flight” project reporting.

A Rollout Report Roadmap is an ideal format, to show “Where we are” in the Roadmap, and can be understood within minutes.

A “Rollout Roadmap” shows where you are, in the whole project setting, so that your stakeholders can get a sense of project progress.

A rollout report Roadmap shows where you are in the larger picture, with risk summary and updates.
A rollout report Roadmap shows where you are in the larger picture, with risk summary and updates.

For Agile Project and Product Progress Tracking

A User Story Mapping template is ideal to show where you are in your Release Plan, and which features (in which feature areas) are left to do.

Powerpoint User Story Mapping Template
This template includes 22 slides that walk you through the User Story Mapping process, and provides templates at each stage.

Top Tip: Avoid large Gantt Charts!

Beware – large Gantt charts and long task lists can be very hard to digest.

While your stakeholders may be nodding and saying “mmm yeah” they have probably switched off.

Short on time?

Use these templates to help with business best practice:

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