Disaster Recovery Principal Plan Template

A Professional Disaster Recovery Plan is an essential part of your business continuity planning, & for your insurance cover *Updated for 2016*

Template features

A professionally sourced Disaster Recovery Principle Plan which was created, implemented, tested and used on a number of occasions.

We have updated this tried and tested template for 2016 to focus on likely impacts of scenarios and to give it a “face-lift”.

This Disaster Recovery Plan considers the impact of any given scenario covering the “Five S”¬†approach:-

  1. Systems
  2. Services
  3. Staff
  4. Suppliers
  5. Sites

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It then provides you with the following to deal with the impacts you face

  1. An essential framework for your Disaster Recovery Plan
  2. A time-phased response depending on the situation at hand
  3. Likely scenarios and impact assessment
  4. Operational impact and incident management team responsibilities
  5. High level flow diagram
  6. Actions rquired by team and by time frame
  7. Formal documentation to assist you with securing corporate insurance

This plan will give your organisation the ability to assure customers who are conducting due diligence when deciding whether to go into business with you or not.

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