Simple Risk Log Template (Excel & Google Sheets)

This Simple Risk Log Template helps you to list your risks, track them, and see the summary status on the Dashboard: Number of severe, mitigated etc!

About the Simple Risk Log Template

  1. Log: Worksheet to list your risks.
  2. Scoring: Risks automatically scored from your Probability and Impact scores.
  3. Dashboard: This shows a summary view of your risks from the Log worksheet.
  4. Help: This worksheet helps you with each area of the template.
  5. Compatible with Google Sheets: This template can be uploaded to Google Sheets.

Dashboard Worksheet

Simple Risk Log Template - the Dashboard Worksheet
See a summary of your risks on this Dashboard – Severity, and status within each severity.

Risk Log Worksheet

Simple Risk Log Template - Risk Log Worksheet
Add each of your project risks on this simple risk log. The Risk Severity is calculated automatically.

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