Excel Transition Plan Template

The Microsoft Excel Transition Plan Template presents your transition in simple roadmap graphic, so that anyone can understand it rapidly. Starting state, plans, milestones, risk level and target state. Simple.

Make a clear Transition Plan!

  1. Describe the starting state, so that you set the scene.
  2. Show all plans, risk levels and milestones, so that they can be understood rapidly.
  3. Describe the target state, so that everyone understands the objective.
  4. Show your team how you will get back to BAU (Business as Usual).

Excel Transition Plan Template Features

  • Simple to edit Microsoft Excel template, so that you achieve your plan quickly.
  • Four pre-prepared formats to help you reach your transition plan as quickly as possible.
    • A 15 month, a 15 week, and a 15 sprint format.
    • A “Five S” DRP Format, so that you can plan for Systems, Services, Staff, Suppliers, Sites.
  • Milestones, to help you communicate crucial events.
  • Risk Level legend, to show where your project might have high and medium risk levels.


This format is ideal for communicating a transition, whether it is a migration to a new product, an innovation programme rollout, an efficiency project, or a disaster recovery!

15 Month Transition Plan

This format is setup for 15 months, and you can easily change the timeline, and increase/reduce the number of months.

Excel Transition Plan Template - 15 Month Plan Roadmap Format
This Excel 15 Month Transition Plan Roadmap format shows the whole transition story in a simple diagram.

15 Week Transition Plan

This format is set for 15 weeks. Again, you can change the timeline format easily – it uses normal excel cells using a date format.

15 Week Excel Transition Plan Template
Show your Transition Plan on this simple Excel template. Shows a roadmap format for easy understanding, including risk level and milestones.

Agile 2-Week Sprint Transition Plan

15 Sprint Agile Excel Transition Plan Template
Show your transition in a sprint plan roadmap format so that your teams can understand quickly.

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  1. Xolisa

    We were at the end of our financial year and I was scouring the internet for a template that would visually outline our plans for the next year. I came across this site and the rest is history – the executives ate it all up and more. Would definitely recommend this and more.

    – Xolisa, Telecommunications Firm in South Africa

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