FROST In-House Innovation Framework: Talent Attraction, Retention, Competitive Advantage

Make the most of your talented staff, attract new talent and build your competitive advantage using the FROST in-house innovation framework. This template sets out the principles and implementation guidelines.

This Template includes Powerpoint and Apple Keynote versions.

What is this template for?

  1. Set out the key elements of an innovation programme, so that it is easy to implement.
  2. Help setting up in-house innovation programmes to get the best from staff.
  3. Save time researching innovation processes so that you can get started quickly.
  4. Avoid common innovation programme mistakes by using a simple framework.
  5. Bust the myth that innovation is a mysterious “art form” by following simple principles.

What does FROST do?

  1. Provides you with a simple innovation framework to follow.
  2. Guides you in the right direction.
  3. Steers you away from common innovation pitfalls.

What does FROST stand for?

  • Focused – Drive innovation projects with clear challenges.
  • Regular – Develop an innovation routine with regular activities.
  • Open – Freedom to solve the challenges using any feasible route.
  • Safe – Create an environment where people feel safe to take risks.
  • Tangible – Build prototypes using real data to demonstrate ideas.

FROST Explanation

FROST Innovation Framework - Overview
FROST Innovation Framework – Overview. Built on ownership and a structured innovation pipeline

In-House Innovation Programme Rollout Roadmap Template

FROST Innovation Framework - Rollout Roadmap Template
FROST Innovation Framework – Programme Rollout Roadmap Template

The Benefits of the FROST Innovation Framework

  1. Increase your strategic focus by providing clear challenges.
  2. Create a stable innovation pipeline by stimulating constant exploration.
  3. Create a competitive strategic advantage by providing a flow of new ideas.
  4. Increase staff retention by exciting & enabling them to explore challenges.
  5. Increase talent attraction by promoting your innovation projects.

Included in this template

FROST Innovation Framework Overview Template - Contents
Overview: 20 Slides of overview and editorial guidance to explain the FROST Innovation Framework
  1. Background to the FROST Innovation Framework to give you context.
  2. Outline the common innovation initiative issues to help you avoid mistakes.
  3. Explain the FROST Innovation Principles so that you can present them yourself.
  4. List the FROST benefits so that you can present them.
  5. Provides FROST Implementation Guidelines for ease of implementation.
  6. Refers to the Three Horizons Framework to support your Innovation Pipeline Structure.
  7. Provides an Innovation Rollout Template so that you can easily design your plan.


  • The FROST Innovation Framework was created by GAS Labs ( in 2017 as a framework to help organisations create and support a structured and healthy innovation pipeline.
  • It is focussed on using IN-HOUSE staff, and in getting the best from your staff.
  • We based it on experience from new product development, innovation projects and R&D programmes during 2001-2018.
  • While it was not always called “FROST” at the time, the principles have worked well for BBC News Labs, and draw influence from BBC R&D’s excellent practises.

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