How do I plan a successful in-house Innovation Programme?

Hackathons offer a unique process of intense collaboration, where multidiscipline teams attack a problem with rapid iteration and multidiscipline thinking.

What are the simple principles to follow, to create an inspirational and successful innovation programme? Find out here.

How do I plan an in-house innovation programme?

At the bare minimum you will need staff to coordinate activities and availability from the staff that will participate in the programme. If the business is supportive, and the mission is exciting, then this is all you need. A budget on top of this will make things even better!

What are the core principles of an in-house innovation programme?

1. Focussed – Channel your staff’s efforts with a simple challenge. “How might we …?”
2. Regular – Set aside regular time for your staff to get stuck into the challenge.
3. Open – Remove constraints, and provide support.
4. Safe – Support boldness, and encourage risk taking and outrageous ideas.
5. Tangible – New ideas should be demonstrated by working prototypes.

The first place you should look for new ideas is within your own organisation – your own staff are the answer; you just need to set the right framework to excite them, engagement them, and to get the best out of them!

The FROST In-House Innovation Framework makes it easy for you to set up an innovation programme that gets the best out of your staff.

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