Innovation Pipeline Structure: The Three Horizons Template

This Three Horizons Framework Template provides a simple flow for your Innovation Pipeline. Essential for all innovators and business leaders.

Innovation Pipeline.

Don’t wait for your competitors to surprise you and knock you off balance – prepare a pipeline of your own disruptive innovations, so that you can maintain competitive advantage.

What does this Three Horizons template include?

  1. Introduction – About the template, and references.
  2. Explanation – An explanation of each horizon.
  3. Over Time – Describes how your horizons behave over time.
  4. Concept Flow – How new ideas flow into- and through- the pipeline.
  5. Summary – Summary slide showing the trajectory of concepts over time and the flow of ideas through the horizons.
  6. Disruption Moments – How the concepts from each horizon rise in importance, and disrupt!
  7. Get the best from your Staff – Using the FROST framework to generate a strong innovation pipeline.


Three Horizons Innovation Pipeline strategy template - slides
Three Horizons Innovation Pipeline strategy template – slides

Like this template? Want to see more about Three Horizons Innovation Framework?

This is a high-level summary template. For a longer form template with more features, including a Status Template and Roadmap Template, please visit the Three Horizons Innovation Pipeline Template on SPITMARKET.

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