Three Horizons Innovation Framework Templates

The Three Horizons Innovation Framework is commonly used to describe and manage a collection of innovation initiatives in a steady-state innovation strategy.

First Horizon: Upcoming capabilities that are nearly ready, and close to your current capabilities.

Second Horizon: Significant new features or capabilities that are several months off, and require significant new changes.

Third Horizon: Major step-change innovations that require significant groundwork and new capabilities before delivery. Typically 6 months to 18 months off.

Discount Bundles to use for Three Horizons Innovation Framework Templates

How to run your own Hackathon: The complete template pack.

Hack Day Event Template Discount Bundle

This Hack Day Event Template Discount Bundle guides you through the Hack Event design and delivery process. Achieve your goal and avoid common mistakes.

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Three Horizons Innovation Framework Templates Professional Downloads

Delivery Guide and template for an Innovation Hackathon Event

2 Day Hackathon Event Guide - Simple Step by Step for success, and avoid the common mistakes

This 70 slide PPT tells you how to run an "in person" 2-day Hack Event, and helps you with tips and problems to avoid so that you can maximise your Hackathon Event success.

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Business Case and justification for a Hackathon Event

Hackathon Business Case Guide & Template (PPT and Keynote)

The business case guide template for your Innovation Hackathon Event: Argue the benefits to your organisation and staff using these 60 slides of guidance and templates.
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Three Horizons Innovation Pipeline strategy template

Innovation Pipeline Structure: The Three Horizons Template

This Three Horizons Framework Template provides a simple flow for your Innovation Pipeline. Essential for all innovators and business leaders.
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